Karma's Smell born in Galicia with the purpose of fill the world with the smell of karma. We perform artisan candles of soy 100% (vegetable, cueltry free and vegan .
We are concerned about environment so all our products are sent in containers and packaging of paper and paperboard wearing zero plastics in the production of our candles. Its combustion produces practically no soot, it takes place more slowly, lasting up to twice as long than paraffin wax.
Soy Wax ( GMP ) 100% vegetable origin . Bio, renewable and environmentally friendly. Free from genetic modification.
Paper and cardboard packaging, thus avoiding the use of plastics.
Each candle is handmade from the beginning to the end of the process to give the greatest love to every detail. Highlights of cotton covered with soy wax, glass container. Dyes and fragrances natural .
Our fragrances:
- Vanilla ( Olfactory Notes: Medium Creamy Vanilla Base hints of Altas hawthorn Cinnamon).
- Amber and sandalwood ( The Amber & Sandal fragrance has critical top notes and the aroma of eucalyptus wood gives way to a large woody heart. An amber trail with touches of patchouli wraps the fragrance. Olfactory notes: Patchouli base , amber Half gurjum , cedar, sandalwood High eucalyptus wood, mandarin).
- Andalusian Jazmine (Floral / Fresh. Olfactory notes: Base Warm Ylang Ylang, Orange Blossom Medium Spicy, Musky, Balsamic Highs Honey, Amber).
- Cotton Flower (The fragrance of Cotton Flower It begins with fresh notes of lemon and ylang ylang with touches of bergamot that give way to a large floral heart. A musky and floral trail covers the fragrance. Olfactory Notes: Base powdery, musk, amber, jasmine Mid violet, muguet, iris, rose High bergamot, lemon, Ylang Ylang). 
- Exotic Garden ( The Exotic Garden fragrance It starts with green notes and flowers revealing a big heart with rose, violet and gardenia. A trail of vanilla envelops the fragrance. Olfactory notes: Base amber, vanilla Medium gardenia, violet, rose Upper geranium, lilac, green.)